Why do I need this?

When you have to be 100% sure
your English is correct and native.

  • for your business emails.
  • for your job application & CV.
  • for your online profiles.
  • for your company's slogan.
  • for your product descriptions.
  • for your product packaging.
  • ... and for much much more!

Every boss should read this:

Amy spent over 1 hour writing 1 English email.
Now with EngCorrect she slashes that in half.
Result: She saves time and money for the company
and her emails are always in correct English.

Are you also googling
for correct English?

faces of non-native English speakers from all over the world in 36 squares

Here's what our customers
have to say about us

  • "I was sick and tired of losing so much precious time googling for correct English."
    - Diana (Hong Kong)
    (Note: this 89-character comment was corrected by EngCorrect free of charge)
  • "As a non-native English speaker, I was doing lots of overtime because of endless searching for correct English."
    - Seo-yun (South Korea)
  • "Thank you, EngCorrect! I can now focus on more important things in life."
    - Hiro (Japan)

... our future goal: to correct within 1 hour

Yes, but how? Got it. Go on. Try us for free