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  • 1 Write your text in the text box My Correction Request™
  • 2 Add context text for our editors.
  • 3 Add a context image to make absolutely sure our editors understand what you really mean.
  • 4 Add a brand name if needed to clarify.
  • 5 Add hashtags as additional context.

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Get An Alternative

Ok, but what if my Correction Request™ was correct???

a screen shot of the EngCorrect.Net's user interface showing you a tickbox in order to show you how you can request for an alternative correction if your correction request was correct.
Sometimes your English may be grammatically correct but not something that native English speakers would say. And in that case we provide an "alternative".

We believe that true editing includes enhancing your text.
So please request an alternative when you save your CorrectionRequest™. This comes at no additional charge.

More info on this in our FAQs.
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